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over 20 years experience with people and property


Lodgeroo was founded by two individuals who have each spent a large majority of their careers working in the corporate world of people and property. Over this time we independently helped thousands of people buy, sell, rent and build whilst managing large portfolios for our businesses in the corporate world.


Our day to day roles involved all aspects of owning and renting homes for all types of reasons, as well as working with investors and developers in their own hunt for the next project. These people were often repeat customers and encouraged us to start something only we could do.


We realised there was a big gap in the market which is not filled by the traditional models of renting, owning and investing in property, so decided Lodgeroo would aim to fill that gap and benefit all those that dealt with it in the process.


Our experience is based throughout the midlands and through the partners we work with and the networks we have created we felt every landlord, tenant and investor could get more for their money if things were done in a different way.


If everyone gets a better deal then it must be a better solution right?!


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Let us help increase your income, reduce your costs and improve your bottom line!


We know that you are looking for a reliable income stream, minimal ‘hassle’ and the knowledge that whoever is using your property looks after it at least as well you would.

Lodgeroo have a number of options to take away all the ‘hassle’ and just give you a straightforward alternate solution to your long term property ambitions. That way you can also relax and put your feet up knowing we are doing everything else- all without cost to you.

what does lodgeroo offer you?



Partners are able to use Lodgeroo’s services to find and purchase property to re let with our help, and guarantee your investment for the future. We will ensure that all advice is tailored to your needs and is impartial using our extensive local knowledge.


The Lodgeroo Network will always grow and evolve but one thing will always be the keystone of the business – quality. For those offering premium accommodation and looking for a place guaranteed to provide it we will be happy to market it for you.


Sometimes it is more important to live life than worry about the investment that you have worked so hard for and are now scared to death something will go wrong with! We aim to take that worry away by looking after things for you. We are used to running portfolios and know we can do a much better job than the corporate on the high street.


A constant frustration for many, and for good reason! Lodgeroo aims to work with you in a seamless way. Simply put we do it all so you know that what you get from the outset is what you get at the end. Everything in between is all us and that means you don’t have to worry about the who what why where and whens. (But if you do need us then we are of course always here!)


This product is ideal for those with properties in a condition that may need some updating, having long void periods between lets or disappointingly low rental yields. We will work with you to secure your rent, void free for a pre determined length of time and make sure that the property you take back at the end is better than the property you handed over to us initially! A no hassle win-win for you.


Through our experience we know agents do things the easy way, not the right way for you or your wallet! Our experience may mean tearing up your rental model but done differently we could add 20,30 or even 40% to your bottom line! We firmly believe there are always ways to do things better, for you and the tenant, and the reviews from our professional landlords and tenants tell us we are right.



verb | pronounced: lod-ge-roo



 to take the hassle out of property whilst you focus on what’s important in your life.